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Tadoba National Park Resorts is known for its hospitality services and for serving people in the same field for a long time. We even know the finest sites to visit around Tadoba National Park and are well-versed in the ins and outs of this wonderful tiger habitat. We want to give excellent hospitality to you so that when you return from a tiresome jungle safari, you can unwind at the resort and prepare to explore the next location. Tadoba Resort provides well-appointed accommodations and a variety of useful amenities. So relax in your little paradise and feel like a king of the jungle in the wonderful surroundings of Tadoba National Park’s finest resort.

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    Tadoba Tiger King Resort
Tadoba National Park Resorts

Todoba Tiger King is one of the best resorts in Tadoba National Park Resorts. Tadoba Tiger King is located near to the wildlife reserve as it is only 1 km. away from the famous Kolara Gate of this wildlife. This Resort offers some great facilities like a multi-cuisine restaurant, luxurious rooms with AC, free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor gaming zone facility, large outdoor pool, dedicated parking, etc. much more.
The Todaba Tiger King Resort has rooms of 3 categories which vary in capacities,


  • Standard Room with a capacity of 3 people (or 2 Adults with 2 children).
  • Premium Room with a capacity of 5 people (or 2 Adults with 3 children).
  • Dormitory Room with a capacity of 10 to 12 adults.

These rooms provide a great view of the forest as they are in the near surroundings of the wildlife reserve.
Tadoba Tiger King Resort also helps you to plan your jungle safari. In this Jungle Safari, the traveler can also experience the enrichment of various scarcest trees, flora, and fauna. Professional and trained guides are provided for the great and warm experiences that are aware of every corner of this national park.

Tadoba Tiger King Resort

₹ 5,600

Per Person

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    Camp Serai Tiger
Tadoba National Park Resorts

Camp Serai Tiger is another best place in Tadoba National Park Resorts. This place is approximately at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Moharli Gate located in mid of two seasonal beautiful and huge water streams. The resort provides great cottage accommodation and is loved by many nature lovers. This also gives you the experience of exciting and adventurous wildlife. This resort has some beautiful areas where you can walk at the night.

There are some great facilities provided by the resort-like,


  • Private and Free Parking
  • Huge Machan for bird watching and jungle view
  • Private Balcony
  • Multiple cuisine meals and Tandoori dishes for the groups.
  • Bicycles are available
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Some of our packages include 3 meals per day and tea/coffee with them as well.
  • Wildlife activists are in charge of the management.

The room of Camp Serai Tiger Resort varies in capacities for individuals as well as groups. The individual room is for 2 adults and any group of school, family, or friends dormitories of 10-14 beds are available.
Although it is a great place to stay because of the sneak peek of some animals, but still, the place is safe as it is under the administration of some wildlife administrators.

Camp Serai Tiger

₹ 4,025

Per Person

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    Jharana Jungle Lodge
Tadoba National Park Resorts

Tadoba National Park Resort Jharana Jungle Lodge is located on the outside of the park. This forest retreat near Tadoba is only 200 meters from the Navegaon Park Gate, one of the Tadoba National Park’s safest park entrances. Here you can enjoy a luxurious stay in a nice cottage with colors that match the jungle, dark antique furniture in the interior, and a red Kavelu tiled roof on the exterior that gives you a relaxing sensation, as well as delicious cuisines prepared by our skilled chef. Our resort provides the best service, including pick-up and drop-off from the nearest location where you have landed. We have the best dining and safari service of any other Tadoba National Park Resort.

Jharana Resort provides a planned jungle safari in Tadoba that can give a great wildlife experience to the tourist who has come there to get an amazing view of forests, flora, and fauna of the national reserve, as it is located in the center of the protected area of Tadoba National Park. Here you can enjoy a great view of majestic animals such as tigers, leopards, birds, and others. Jharana Jungle Lodge offers wildlife tourists to see and hear the real Tadoba jungle. You can also pre-book the resort according to your

Jharana Jungle Lodge


Per Person

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    Pugmark Resort
Tadoba National Park Resorts

Pugmark is a great place and luxurious Tadoba National Park Resort. You can have an experience of relaxing and exciting stay which will be memorable for you. This place is famous for its amazing hospitality and other services. Many facilities can make your stay easy and enjoyable.
Some amenities provided by the hotel are,

  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi (High Speed)
  • Free Breakfast
  • Car Hire
  • Babysitting
  • Non-smoking Hotel
  • Pick and drop service to the airport
  • Business Centre with Internet Access
  • Restaurant

Pugmark Resort is in near surroundings of the Resort near Moharli Gate Tadoba Tiger Reserve. It is located only a few kilometers away from the tiger reserve and is a secure place to stay. This is a place full of the finest luxury and elegance that can make you endeavor a great experience of holidays and be relaxed.

Four types of rooms are available for stay at Pugmark Resort, which are, Villas, Cottages, Eco Cottage, and 4 Bedded Eco Cottage. All of these rooms are cozy, comfortable, and give a warm stay to the tourists. Pugmark Resort also provides a facility to conduct business meetings and other gatherings.

Pugmark Resort


Per Person

We have brought you a variety of packages available, including safaris and stays at some of the most magnificent Tadoba National Park Resorts. These packages come in a wide range of options and preferences from which you may select. We constantly endeavor to ensure that the tourist has a memorable wildlife and safari experience. Our clients are always pleased with our service and provide us with positive feedback, which allows us to continue to expand.

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