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Zurich (Zurich canton)


The largest city in Switzerland is the perfect place to kick-start your vacation. Zurich is the contemporary financial façade of the country and one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe. Its culturally diverse aspect embellishes the slight cosmopolitan edge that one gets to see in Switzerland. Zurich is the meeting point of Urban and rural experiences with modern edges around a rustic heart. Historical Old town connects every traveler with its story as one walk through its lanes. Zurich lake is sublime and charming, Lindenhof gives a glance into history, Zurich’s many museums have their own stories to tell for instance the museum of fine arts has a collection of paintings made by many famous artists including Monet, Charles Munch, and Marc Chagall. Zurich’s own shopping experience is now a thing in itself in Bahnhofstrasse, the most beautiful shopping street in the city.

Bern (Bern Canton)

The capital of Switzerland, Berne speaks in history. Its archaic appeal makes one wonder whether they are in the contemporary period or a part of a really old photograph. Most people think Zurich is the capital of Switzerland however Bern is a politically and historically important place. The old town in Bern is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its archaic importance.


 Nydegg Church is also a famous spot to visit in the city. Bern is famous for its museums (Natural History Museum, The Einstein Museum and The Historical Museum of Bern, Kunstmuseum are some of the interesting museums to visit) and architecture. Also check out the Zytglogge clock tower, a unique and interesting structure architecturally and historically both.  What comes as a surprise is that Bern also has a kick-a nightlife almost at par with Zurich.

Lake Geneva and surrounds

Lake Geneva is nothing short of spell bounding. In a utopic picture, Lake Genevaflows azure onto the white swiss alps. The fainted red cute houses built by the lake make for a picture-perfect art that hypnotizes people for a couple of minutes. The city of Geneva is set south of Lake Geneva is one of the important and beautiful cities in Switzerland.


 Lake Geneva has augmented and is itself adorned with nearby spots like Lavaux vineyards one of Switzerland’s best vineyards. The Vineyard is established since the time of Romans and it is one of the UNESCO’S Heritage sites. Vevey is a small town and an excellent spot to check out. It is home to Charlie Chaplin’s final resting place. Also, Daniel Peter invented Milk Chocolate and established Nestle’ with Henri Nestle in Vevey. Les Diablerets is a village and ski resort located in the Vaud.

Montreux (Vaud Canton)


Montreux is another town established by the Lake Geneva where many tourists stop by for the Montreux Jazz festival in July or The Chillon Castle standing by the Lake Geneva. The musical city is the melody of Switzerland and attractions like the exhibition, Queen: The studio experience attracts tourists, especially the fans of the band, Queen. If you visit Montreux in winter, you should definitely follow the Lantern Trail Of Les Pléiades; an exploration of the snow-hugged town. You should also check out the statue of Freddy Mercury the legend from the band, Queen.

Rhine Falls (Border of Schaffhausen Canton and Zurich canton)

A trip to Switzerland is incomplete without visiting the largest waterfall in the Continent. A trip to the Rhine falls is often taken as a day trip from Zurich or Schaffhausen. The best time to visit the falls is during spring when the mountain snow melts. There are many boat trips to witness the miraculous spectacle and hear the roaring burble of the falls in close up. The Rhine falls are 150-meter-wide and have a drop of approx. 23 meters making the plummet a whopping spectacle. The Rhine falls, truly splendid in the day, is paralyzing in the night when the area is irradiated.

Stein Am Rhine (Schaffhausen Canton)

This extremely underrated little town is a wonder why it isn’t given much attention it deserves. The town looks like a Disney movie set and the only thing missing for you now is to pack your costumes. The colourful frescoed houses made even more fairy tale-like as pictured from the town square Rathausplatz and the stunning views from Fortress Burg Hohenklingen over the town and Rhine valley and many more attractions and explorations are bound to give you a local magical Switzerland experience.

Lugano, Ticino Canton

Ticino is the little Italy of Switzerland due to the influence of Italy bordering from the west. The region has a mild Mediterranean climate and bejewelled with stunning lakes and valleys. From the castles of Bellinzona to the Franciscan sanctuaryMadonna del Sasso in Locarno, Ticino is a marvel of historical sights, architectural gems, Beautiful Piazzas and natural wonders. 


Some of the amazing places to visit here are Ascona; an old town with a serene lakefront, Cevio; another beautiful little town, Bellizona; the capital of Ticino region, GambarognoVerzasca Valley; Natural wonder and old stone villages and the Adventurous Intragna Lugano is a breath-taking city in the Ticino region. The city is said to date all the way back to the ninth century. Ipso facto, those stories have traveled down to contemporary time via its libraries, churches and museums.


 The city lies by Lake Lugano, resulting in spectacular scenery all around. Lake Lugano is simply bewitching even for a tourist having done a lake tour all around Switzerland. The villages on the shore like Gandria and Morcote are a local and natural delight. This gets speechless when you overlook the city and the lake from the summit of Monte San SalvatoreMonte Brè or Mount PilatusCattedrale San Lorenzo, among many offers a glimpse into the rich history and the blend of Switzerland and Italy in Lugano’s cuisine sums up the perfect trip to the Little Italy region

Jungfrau Region (Bern canton)

The Jungfrau region is a Richie rich opportunity for adventure enthusiasts and nature photographers. The region consists of four towns Murren, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen and Grindelwald (Nope not Harry potter but equally interesting) skirted by three mountains Eiger (Ogre), Mönch (Monk) and Jungfrau (Virgin).  The Swiss Alps have been photographed for calendars and home décor’but these photographs do no justice to the panorama at close-up in the Bernese Oberland. The mighty Glaciers and grand mountain peaks as one look up from the fatigue of hikes is the most rejuvenating experience, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Staubbach and Trümmelbach fall in the Lauterbrunnen valley, that already has around 70 waterfalls, are mystically appealing. This little hilly village is a perfect escape one may seek from the world.  


The highest railroad station in Europe, Jungfraujosh, offers vistas that are too sublime to describe. Here from the summit of Sphinx, you can see the Aletsch glacier in the south.


Exploring the region via Jungfraubahn, the scenic train in the Jungfrau region is a truly cinematic experience. Piz Gloria a restaurant on Schiltorn peak is famous exclusively for the 007 film Ian Fleming being shot here and the Schynige Platte alpine garden offers beautiful views of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The region is a hub of winter extreme sports like skiing, snowboarding, curling, mountain-climbing and many more

Interlaken (Bern Canton)

If you visit Interlaken, you are bound to skydive in close proximity with the alps. Interlaken is a city in the Jungfrau region and almost on every travellers swiss bucket list. Apart from Skydiving, the city also offers paragliding, snowboarding and many more adventure sports. More like an adventure theme park, Interlaken appeals adrenaline Junkies all over the world. 
If you head to the Harder Kulm, the views of the city and Lakes Thun and Brien are striking, the Unterseen gives off the rustic hilly appeal, the Touristik-Museum is very fascinating, the serene cascades of St. Beatus Cave and Waterfalls are very picturesque and you can also take a day trip to nearby towns and areas like Brienz. The statue of Yash Chopra is a must sight to visit for his contribution to Switzerland tourism via popularizing the place among Indians through his films. Also, check out the Hoheweg street in Interlaken for various restaurants and shops.

Lausanne (Vaud Canton)

Lausanne is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. It is famous for its Gothic architectural sites and best quality wine. The International Olympic Committee is established in the town making it one of the many attractions. Some of the sights to see in Lausanne are, The Olympic MuseumCathedral of Notre Dame, Place de la Palud, Musee des Beaux-Arts, Château d’Ouchy and Promenade.

Matternhorn, Zermatt (Valais Canton)


Matternhorn is the most photographed mountain in the world and nothing more is required to be said about that. Most tourists visit Zermatt just to get a glimpse of this cone-shaped rugged structure that paralyzes the eyes and leave the mouth open. Zermatt is spell-bound in winter with snow-covered houses and the Matternhorn standing grand and glorious. This monolith is one of a kind majestic structure that many mountaineers seek to climb. 


The next peak after Matterhorn is Klein Matterhorn, the highest mountain in Europe whose peak is accessible via ariel tramway. Skiing here is one of the most popular experiences in Zermatt. The glacier express, a truly panoramic ride runs through the region offering stunning views of the massif peaks. Apart from the snowy marvels, Zermatt has many amazing restaurants and activities to do. The car-free town opens up wonders when explored on foot. You can go have a spa treatment or hike around hills like Breithorn for amazing views. You can also visit the very interesting Zermatlantis Matterhorn Museum or pay your respects in the Mountaineers Cemetery. You should definitely check out the Gorner’s Gorge, an arresting sight in Zermatt.

Graubünden Canton

  All the definitions and synonyms of beauty aren’t enough to describe the canton. Exploring this part of Switzerland will make you realize that there are many underrated places of Switzerland that you haven’t heard of or if you did, you probably heard about it very less. 


The hidden and reserved Crestasee lake, The rail-trip via the Bernina Express route, The paralyzing Engadine Valley, the winter charm of St Moritz, the UNESCO world heritage site Tectonic Arena Sardona, where you can trace back to the collision that formed the Alps, the photogenic Palü Glacier, as seen from the Alp Grüm and the little mountain town like Tschiertschen, Flims, Guarda, Soglio and Sassal Masone where you experience local culture, delicious and authentic swiss cuisine, quaint rustic experience and the serenity of a hill-station. 


Also visit Chur, the capital of the canton and an extremely beautiful swiss city.

The Canton is filled with eye-catching natural sights and Switzerland’s only national park, the Swiss national park, has all the natural wonders the country offers from peaks and glaciers to waterfalls and lakes. Go hiking to explore the National park

Lucerne (Lucerne Canton)


Set by the Lake Lucerne, the city offers some of the best views of the lake and mountains. The place is also musically delightful and historically quaint. The music festivals attract many people who come to check out the performances. The vista from Pilatus-Kulm the highest peak in the Pilatus massif is breathtaking. You can reach the peak via cable cars and cogwheels and hiking to the top.


 Boating on Lake Lucerne is another activity, a must- done tourist attraction. Some of the things to do in Lucerne are: Explore the historic old town, Take one of the many panorama express trains that start from Lucerne, ride the cogwheel from the lake Lucerne shores to Mt Rigi,  check out the ancient bridges of the city the Spreuerbrücke and the Kapellbrücke, take a day trip to Engelberg for a day of adventure sports and fun. You can also check out Weggis, a charming municipality with panoramic views of the lake and the alps

Gstaad and the Bern Canton


Bern Canton is best when visited in winter, where winter sports are extremely popular among tourists and glistening snow towns embedded in white layers surrounded by the alps give the panoramic click that people aim to frame as memories. While Bern, Interlaken and the Jungfrau region had to be placed separately, there are some of the beautiful places in the Bern canton apart from the listed above

Thun, a town situated by the lake Thun is a typical medieval town with awesome scenery around. The town is historic and there are some amazing cafes to relax at and enjoy. The Thun castle dates back to 12th century and shows light on the Swiss Heritage, Thun townhall square is worth visiting while taking a stroll through the town, Thun Panorama gives a stunning view of the mountains and lake and you should definitely take a stroll by the Thun lake that is known to be refreshing.


Drive along the Susten pass for the best of Switzerland experience with breezy weather and grasslands and hills giving a panoramic view.


Gstaad, an alpine town in Bern Canton is known for many winter sports activities like Skiing and the frequenting of many celebrities who choose Gstaad for their holiday season. Gstaad is distinctively famous among Indian tourists for many films shot here and Interlaken. The ski village has glamour embedded in its roots and houses some of the chic brands of the century Dolce&Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, UGG Australia, Louis Vuitton, Prada attracting shopaholics all around.


 Gstaad is charmingly rural with urban elegance and dynamically fashionable essence. It is not just fur-coated big-shots with sunglasses gazing at the Alps, but it is a very beautiful destination and worth a visit in Switzerland. Engage is a variety of winter sports ranging from skiing and snowboarding to hiking, cycling and ice-climbing. Shop for souvenirs and local produce and go dog Sledding surrounded by the exquisite swiss panorama and explore the many villages of the town.

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south africa
While Switzerland is a small country, even two weeks’ time isn’t enough to explore it to the brim of fulfillment. However, here are some of the activities you have to do when you visit Switzerland.

Adventure Sports

Skiing & Snowboarding

Some of the top places for skiing in Switzerland are Zermatt, St Moritz, Davos-Klosters, Grindelwald, Saas-Fee, Engelberg, and Andermatt. The ski resorts are dependable and safe for all type of skiers.



Hiking in the country is a rejuvenating and exhilarating experience. Some of the best hiking trails in Switzerland are; Grindelwald-First-Faulhorn, Eiger Trail in Grindelwald, Lavaux Vineyards (The swiss wine route), The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, the five lakes at Pizol, Aletsch Glacier Trail, Graubünden and the Splügen Pass and the Oeschinen Lake


Mountain Biking

Some of the best mountain biking trails are in Trient region in Ticino, Val De Bagnes, Churwalden Zone, Tour de mont Fort, Mont Blanc, Zermatt, Swiss Rhone Valley, Flims andWelschtobel (Arosa)

Other Activities

  1.  Hire a Pedalos from one of the many boats to hire companies by Zurich lake and hop on for an amazing ride through the lake.
  2. Take the tallest outdoor elevator Hammetschwand in Europe to the peak of Mt. Bürgenstock in Weggis. The ride is extremely thrilling and equally scary.
  3. Take a trip through Switzerland’s top Panoramic routes; The golden pass line, The Bernina Express (Via the Bernina express train or any local train), The Glacier Express (Via the Glacier express train or any local train) and the Gotthard Panorama Express (via the Gotthard Panorama Express train or any local train)
  4. Explore Switzerland via train.
  5. Jungfraujoch is the highest station in Europe. Take a train through the stunning vistas of the Alps and admire the view of the longest glacier in the Alps, Great Aletsch glacier.
  6. Lake Geneva is one of the most famous lakes in Switzerland. Stand up Paddle Boarding is one of the many activities to do while admiring the vistas around
  7. The Rhine falls is on the bucket list of almost every traveler on his or her way to Switzerland. Boating is one of the most popular activity to do here. With the roaring melody of the plummeting falls in close proximity, it is an amazing experience.
  8. Do Bungee Jumping over the Contra Damin Val Verzasca Valley in Ticino Canton.
  9. Slide down the exhilarating 1kmSolarbob slide in Langenbruck near Basil
  10. Check out the Swiss Chocolate Adventure themed world in Lucerne
  11. Take a Cable car trip up to Mount Pilatus.
  12. Cross the perilous Trift Bridge, a suspension bridge in Gadmen
  13.   Check out the Château Chillon castle, a quintessence in itself, situated on the banks of Lake Geneva in Montreux.
  14.   Take a culinary tour in Lindt Chocolate factory outlet in Zurich and visit the old town of Gruyères known for the famous cheese La Gruyère.
  15. Explore the spooky and mystifying Hell Grottoes; the peculiar stone formations in Neuheim.
  16. Do sky diving in Interlaken for a thrilling view of the lakes and alps
  17. For a stunning view of Matterhorn, para-glide over Zermatt
  18. Go for a cruise over Lake Lucerne
  19. Enjoy a cable car ride to Glacier 3000 with amazing views of Jungfrau and Matternhorn.
  20. Check out the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.
  21. The famous character Sherlock Holmes died in Switzerland while falling off the cliff at the Reichenbach Falls in Schttenhalb. Let your fantasy wheels churn with a visit to the stunning waterfall.

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    Stay- In

Luxury > 10,000 INR

Budget < 10,000 INR


  •  Luxury: Widder Hotel, Baur Au Lac, Dolder Grand
  • Budget: H+ Hotel, Pension fürDich and cafe fürDich, Zurich Youth Hostel


  • Luxury: Bellevue Palace, Hotel Schweizerhof, Belle Epoque
  • Budget: Fleury’s, Hotel Grauholz, Hotel La Pergola


  •   Luxury: Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues, Mandarin Oriental, Beau-Rivage Genève
  • Budget: Hotel ibis Genève Aéroport, Hotel Novotel Suites Geneve, Geneva Hostel


  • Luxury: The Omnia, CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort, Riffelalp Resort
  • Budget: Youth Hostel Zermatt, Jugendherberge Zermatt, Hotel Stockhorn


  •  Luxury: Victoria Jungfrau, Hotel Royal St Georges Interlaken – Mgallery, Hotel Bellevue
  • Budget: Stella Hotel Interlaken, Hotel Interlaken, Beausite


  •  Luxury: Palace Luzern, The Chedi Andermatt, Park Hotel Vitznau
  • Budget: Altstadt Hotel Krone Luzern, Capsule Hotel Luzern, Beau Séjour

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  • KronenHalleRestaurant & Bar
  • Clouds Restaurant
  • Fisher’s Fritz Restaurant
  • Café Bebek
  • Zeughauskeller Restaurant


  • Haus Hiltl Restaurant
  • Tibits Restaurant
  • Samses Restaurant
  • Gartnerei Restaurant
  • Marktküche Restaurant


  •  Tamarind Hill Indian Restaurant
  • Tadka Restaurant
  • Naanu Restaurant
  • Restaurant Malabar
  • Tabdoori BBQ


  •  Café Sprüngli
  • Juicery 21
  • Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse
  • Kraftwerk Café
  • La Stanza

Bars and Pubs

  •  George Bar and Grill
  • Frau Gerold’s Garten
  • El Lokal
  • Cabaret Voltaire
  • Widder Bar



  •  Terrasse& Casa
  • Kornhauskeller
  • AltesTramdepotBrauerei& restaurant
  • Jack’s Brasserie
  • Meridiano


  •  Tibits
  • Essort
  • 3 Dosha Ayurveda
  • Bonbec
  • Suder


  •  Ristorante Ottimo
  • Indian Kitchen
  • Royal Punjab Indisches Restaurant & Bar
  • Restaurant Okra
  • Restaurant Kesar


  • RöstereiKaffee
  • Kaffee Montag
  • Einstein au jardin
  • Petit Couteau
  • Tingel-Kringel

Bar & Pubs

  •  Turnhalle
  • Sky Terrace
  • Compass Ba
  • KapitelBollwerk
  • On Tap Craftgallery



  •  ZunfthausrestaurantPfistern
  • ZurWerkstatt
  • Burgerstube
  • Grottino 1313
  • Bachmann


  •  Karls Kraut
  • Tibits
  • Wild Bowls


  •  GourmIndia
  • Indian Restaurant Luzern
  • Asian Takeaway


 Blend Teehaus

 Dr. Oetker Cafe Gugelhupf Luzern

  •  AlpineumKaffeehaus Bar
  • Crazy Cupcake Café
  • Café Tacuba

Bar & pubs

  • Bar Bei Miguel
  • Bar Louis
  • Bruch Brothers
  • Wolf – Burger & Steak Bar
  • Bar 58



  • Domaine de Châteauvieux
  • Il Lago
  • Auberge du Lion d’Or
  • La Jardin
  • La Finestra


  • Qibi
  • Mu-Food
  • Alive
  • Gives A Fork
  • Ou Bien Encore


  •  Rasoi by Vineet
  • Chandigarh Tandoori
  • Nirvana
  • Indian Plaza
  • Rajpoute


  • Birdie Food & Coffee
  • Boréal Coffee Shop
  • Café du Bourg-de-Four
  • Café Art’s
  • Café Slatkine

Bars & Pubs

  •  Village du Soir
  • La Buvette du Bateau
  • Mulligans Irish Bar

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    Tourist Information

When to go

Spring (April- June) and Autumn (September- October) are the best seasons to visit Switzerland with less crowd as compared to summer and mild temperatures as compared to winter. You will see most tourists and travelers between July- August (Summer). However, if you want to go on ski trips and engage in adventure sports like snowboarding; winter (November- March) is the suitable time to visit.

Things to Know

  •  Language: Switzerland has four official languages; French, German, Italian and Romanch
  • Currency: Swiss franc (CHF) = 69.92 INR
  • Capital: Bern
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Three pinned (Type J) sockets most common; Buy a type J adapter

What to Pack

  • Woollens (Jackets, sweaters, socks, gloves, buff are a must
  • Hiking shoes
  • Basic Health kit
  • Adapter and chargers
  • Swimsuit
  • USB cable
  • Waterproof pouch
  • Rain-coat/ Travel Umbrella
  • Water-bottle
  • Slippers


You will have to apply for tourist visa which is applicable for travelling for a period less than 90 days. You can apply for the visa online and you will need to submit the documents including your passport, two passport size pictures, visa application form, previous passport (if any), a personal letter stating the travel plan, an introduction letter, travel insurance, flight reservations, proof of accommodation and financial status. Adult Visa costs around 4700 INR and visa for children between ages 6-12 costs 2800 INR. Children below 6 years do not require a Visa.

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    Travelling in and around Switzerland

Getting In


Zurich (Kloten Airport)

  • Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport)- Zurich via Air India and Swiss Air
  • Mumbai (Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport)- Zurich via Air India and Swiss Air

One-multi stops

Zurich (Kloten Airport)

  • Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport)- Zurich
  • Mumbai (Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport)- Zurich
  • Kolkata (Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport)- Zurich
  • Chennai (Chennai International Airport)- Zurich
  • Bangalore (Kempegowda International Airport)- Zurich
  • Hyderabad (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport)- Zurich
  • Kochi (Kochi International Airport)- Zurich


  • Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport)- Geneva
  • Mumbai (Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport)- Geneva
  • Kolkata (Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport)- Geneva
  • Chennai (Chennai International Airport)- Geneva
  • Bangalore (Kempegowda International Airport)- Geneva
  • Hyderabad (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport)- Geneva
  • Kochi (Kochi International Airport)- Geneva

Getting Around

Hiring a car

Hiring a car is best when you want to dig deep in Switzerland’s roots and culture with a cowabunga road trip. Public transport provides a more localised experience but if you want to have a personalized experience with more time to explore, then you should definitely hire a car.

There are many car hire companies in Switzerland offering both automatic and stick shift, the latter being more preferable as its cheaper. Fuel is expensive and you must be 20 years old. You can drive with your Indian driving licence for around six months and the licence should be in English language.

Some of the best car rental companies in Switzerland are Avis, Europcar, Hertz.

Train (The ideal trip)

  • Train travel in Switzerland is a magical experience. It is considered to be the best way to travel around the country.
  • Traveling by train in Switzerland is very expensive; in fact, swiss trains trips most costly in Europe.
  • You can buy the tickets online at from the machines at the station or with the SBB mobile app.
  • You don’t have to make any reservation to travel with a train around Switzerland, however, some scenic trains require that you reserve a seat for yourself.
  • The SBB mobile app makes it easy to check out the routes and timetables.
  • You cannot buy a ticket on the train after boarding.
  • The Swiss trains are divided into first and second class and there is a considerable difference in their costs. Both are comfortable and offer an amazing experience albeit the first class is less crowded than the other one.
  • If you have a second-class pass and want to travel first class between some spots, there is also an option of getting an upgrade ticket at the station.
  • First-class tickets are about 75% expensive than second class tickets and its notable that second class tickets are considered expensive themselves. You don’t get any free or new services, just wider seats, bigger windows and less people.
  • Standard tickets purchased on the station are valid for 1 day or 10 days depending on the distance traveled. If you are travelling up to 115 km, then the ticket is only valid for one day. The validity differs while buying the tickets online.
  • The trains have a restaurant for meals and snacks. Not all trains have electrical outlets and some of them even have a minibar.
  • You can also buy swiss rail passes if you have some extensive traveling to do.

Swiss Rail Passes

  • Swiss Travel Pass
  • Valid over a period of 3/4/8/15 days
  • Can be used only in Switzerland
  • Ticketless and free travelling over the given period of time
  • Can be used on trains, buses and boats
  • Free admission to more than 500 museums and discounted mountain excursions like cable cars and cogwheels
  • Children under 6 can travel for free
  • Should be used when you have to travel a lot
  • Less cost for youth under 26 years of age (Swiss travel pass youth)
  • Swiss Half Fare Card
  • Can be used only in Switzerland
  • Can be used on trains, trams, buses and boats
  • Half priced tickets for a month
  • Children can travel for free
  • You will have to buy tickets for each trip
  • Best for shorter trips
  • Validity is for one month
  • Cost: 118 CHF (For 1st and 2nd Class)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Flex
  • Free and ticketless traveling on 3/4/8/15 days within a month
  • Cost Second class:

3 days: 267 CHF

4 days: 323 CHF

8 days: 467 CHF

15 days: 563 CHF

  • Cost First class:

3 days: 424 CHF

4 days: 514 CHF

8 Days: 742 CHF

15 Days: 890 CHF

  • Saver Day Pass
  • Free and ticketless travelling in Switzerland for one day
  • Valid for buses, trains and boats
  • Can only be used in Switzerland
  • Mountain transportation not included
  • Cost with Half fare card: CHF 99 (First class), CHF 59 (Second class)
  • Cost without Half fare card: CHF 178 (First class), CHF 106 (Second class)
  • Interrail Passes
  • Free and ticketless travelling for 3, 4,6 or 8 days for a month
  • Used only on Trains and boats
  • On free routes, Children up to 11 years of age can travel for free
  • Intercountry travel possible
  • Regional Passes
  • There are passes reserved to different regions in Switzerland

You can buy a rail pass online

Swiss Scenic trains and routes

  • Glacier Express(Zermatt- St Moritz)
  • Duration: Around 8 Hours, Runs 4 times a day during summer and 1 time per day in winter
  • Reservation required; visit the Glacier express website https://shop.glacierexpress.ch/gex_en/?___from_store=gex_de
  • The express travels the distance of 291 kms
  • Route: Zermatt- Brig- Andermatt- Chur- St Moritz
  • You can also travel through the parts of routes of Glacier express and Gotthard Panorama express in one day; All depends on where you want to go and your preferences.
  • You can also travel via the route by many local trains
  • Passes: Swiss travel pass, Eurail, SBB day pass, Interrail (The glacier express train)
  • Gotthard Panorama Express (Lucern- Lugano)
  • Route: Lucern- Flüelen (By boat)- Göschenen (By train)- Lugano
  • From Flüelen you aboard the Gotthard Panorama Express train
  • Duration: From Lucern to Lugano it takes around 5 hours
  • Distance: 221 Kms
  • The express train runs from April to October; all days in a week except Monday, once a day
  • Passes: Swiss Travel Pass, SBB day pass (The Gotthard Panorama Express train)
  • Bernina Express (Chur- Tirano)
  • Route: Chur- Pontresina- Tirano
  • The Bernina express is a direct train from Chur to Tirano; you can also take local trains along the Bernina express route
  • Duration: Around 4 Hours
  • The express runs from May to November
  • Distance: 156 km
  • Reservation required
  • Swiss Travel pass can be used to cover the trip cost
  • Passes: Swiss travel pass (Flex), Eurail, SBB day pass, Interrail (The Bernina Express Train
  • Voralpen Express (St Gallen- Lucerne)
  • Route: St Gallen- Rapperswil- Lucerne
  • No reservation required
  • Distance: 125 Kms
  • Duration: Around 2 hours
  • The Golden PassRoute(LucerneMontreux)
  • The Golden pass starts from central Switzerland, through 6 cantons resulting in a zillion photographs. The journey begins from Lucerne and goes through the Brünig Pass, Bernese Oberland (Lakes and Interlaken), Gstaad and ends in Montreux
  • Route: Lucerne-Interlaken OST- Zweisimmen- Montreux
  • You can buy point to point tickets at the SBB website
  • Passes applicable: Swiss travel pass (Flex), Eurail, SBB day pass, Interrail, Swiss Half Fare Card, Saver Day Pass, Regional-Passes (Bernese Oberland and Lake Geneva), Tell Pass (winter and summer)
  • Reservation not necessary but advisable for trains between Zweisimmen and Montreux.
  • Duration: Around 5 Hours
  • The route covers a distance of 191 kms

Other Scenic Routes

  • Furka Steam Express
  • Palm Express
  • Brienzer Rothorn
  • Jungfrau region in one day
  • Centovalli Railway
  • Ticino region in one day


You can use a rail pass or buy a ticket from a ticketing machine at any train or bus station.

Mountain Transport

Tickets for cable cars and cogwheels can be purchased online or on the spot. You can also use a rail pass; most of the passes offer the tickets at discounted rates. If the chosen rail pass offers a free ticket, you will have to ask for a ticket at the counter to travel via the chosen option.

Swiss Travel Pass

  • The Swiss travel pass is a premium rail pass, for non-residents in Switzerland
  • Ticketless and free traveling all over Switzerland including discounted traveling on cable cars and Cogwheels
  • Free for Children
  • Free entry to around 500 museums
  • If you are not traveling on any day within your stipulated period of time during which the swiss travel pass is valid, then it will still be considered as a travel day
  • You can buy the pass online where you will get it mailed to you with all the details and you just have to take a print out
  • Swiss pass also can be used for other public transports like buses, boats and trams.
  • If you are in Switzerland for let’s say 15 days and you have a lot of traveling to do, then you can Swiss travel pass is an ideal option for you.
  • If you are below 26 years of age, you get the swiss pass at less cost
  • Cost: (effective until 31/12/2019)


  • 3 days
  • Second class (CHF): 232
  • First class (CHF): 369
  • 4 days
  • Second class (CHF): 281
  • First class (CHF): 447
  • 8 days
  • Second class (CHF):418
  • First class (CHF):663
  • 15 Days
  • Second class (CHF):513
  • First class (CHF): 810

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