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Pench National Park is one of the most popular places to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in action. Though the quantity of wild creatures is the main attraction to this location, the majority of visitors come to this national park to observe tigers in their native environment. As a result, this location is ideal for tiger fans. The spectacular jungle route of Pench National Park allows you to appreciate a variety of animals and plants, and for nature and a wildlife lover, this site provides life-long memories and experiences. Tourists can visit this national park in a variety of safaris according to their preferences. It is possible to do Pench Safari Booking online via the official site of Pench National Park.

Pench National Park Safari Types

Pench Safari Booking

Pench is the best place to visit if you are wondering for options to visit any National Park. The beauty of Pench National Park is its Royal Bengal Tiger, Sambar, Spotted Deer, etc. other wild animals. The tourists visit this place to take a look at its flora and fauna which is spread over a large area in Madhya Pradesh and acquire some area of Maharashtra too.

In many national parks, people generally go for a safari via a jeep or a car, but at Pench National Park you can avail an option of Night Safari too for the Pench Safari Booking.

Tiger N woods

₹ 4,250

Per Person

Jeep Safari

Pench Safari Booking

Relying on your preferences and interests, Pench National Park offers both a full day and a half-day Jeep Safari. The standard time for safaris is in the morning and evening, you need to book the jeeps earlier. You can visit all the zones of this National Park booking by booking a full day Jeep Safari that can be done only with permission of the park authority.

Night Safari

The most amazing sights of nighttime species can be found on a Night Safari in Pench’s Wolf Sanctuary zone. After dusk, no other Pench Zones are accessible. The part of Pench National Park which is in the Maharashtra region didn’t allow tourists for night safari.

Pench Safari Booking Entry Time

Pench National Park is an amazing place to visit. It is an amazing place for nature and wildlife lovers, as it does have a variety of wild animals and trees (including herbs and shrubs). You can do Pench Safari Booking from 1 October to 30 June, as it remains open for this period. For the other 3 months of July, August, and September the Pench National Park remains closed for the tourists. The park remains closed on Wednesday of each week.

The timing of Pench National Park for the month of winter is,



Morning: 6:30 AM

Evening: 3 PM



Morning: 11 AM

Evening: 6 PM


The timing of Pench National Park for the month of summer is,



Morning: 5:30 AM

Evening: 4 AM



Morning: 11 AM

Evening: 7 AM


If you are a wildlife lover then you should visit the place in winter as it is the best time to see many animals wandering around. The tigers, Indian leopards, etc. animals are mainly seen in March and April because of the warmth of the sun. If you love nature more than the wildlife then you must visit Pench National Park after the rainy season to enjoy the beauty of many fresh plants and the greenery that emits after the rain. Before Pench Safari Booking you must be known about the visiting time for the tourists and other essential details.

Pench Safari Booking Entry Fees

If you are planning to visit Pench National Park, then the above-given details of timing will be very helpful for you. If you want to know more about the Pench Safari Booking, the ticket, entry fee, and other details you can get it here.


Pench Safari Booking Core Zone by Vehicles (per round)

Light Vehicle with up to 8 people (including 6 tourists + 1 guide + 1 driver): Rs 8,000


Pench Safari Booking Buffer Zone by Vehicles (per round)

Light Vehicle with up to 8 people (including 6 tourists + 1 guide + 1 driver): Rs 7, 000


Pench Safari Booking for Filming and Photography


For the 1st to 7th Day,

Indian Education/ Research Institute: Rs. 10,000

Other: Rs. 40,000


For the 8th to 15th Day,

Indian Education/ Research Institute: Rs. 7,500

Other: Rs. 30,000


On 16th Day,

Indian Education/ Research Institute: Rs. 5,000

Other: Rs. 20,000


Photography by tourists that is either video or by the still camera is free of cost.

How to reach Pench National Park

Pench Safari Booking

There are many ways to reach Pench National Park via multiple ways of transport. Pench National Park falls under the boundaries of Seoni and Chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh and shares one of its boundaries with Maharashtra as well. If you are about to visit the Pench and have a Pench Safari Booking then you can easily reach through many ways. There are these 3 ways that can assist you to reach Pench National Park.


By Road

The Nagpur-Jabalpur highway runs through the Pench Tiger Reserve. Pench may be reached in three to four hours by road from Jabalpur or Nagpur. Another alternative is to travel via Bhopal, around 500 kilometers from Pench or Kanha. Khawasa or Seoni is the closest bus station near Pench, with hourly buses running from Nagpur. Khawasa is 12 kilometers from Pench, and the many resorts offer a pick and drop service to the nearest location. Khawasa leads your entrance to the Pench’s Turia Gate.


By Train

Nagpur is the nearest train station, which is around 130 kilometers away and has a well-connected railway system. Another option is the Jabalpur railway station, which is about 210 kilometers away. On request, the Lodge will arrange for a vehicle to pick you up and drop you off at the station or airport.


By Air

The closest airport to the Pench National Park is Nagpur, about 130 kilometers away, or Jabalpur, about 210 kilometers away. Nagpur has more flights options than Jabalpur because it is an international airport.

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