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    La Digue Island Seychelles
la digue island seychelles

The country of Seychelles is comprised of numerous islands and La Digue Island Seychelles is considered the smallest of the three that have people living on them. Most people visit this island for the warm weather that can be found year-round, despite the fact that it can rain quite heavily at times.


There are numerous beaches on La Digue Island and people will have a difficult time choosing which one they like the most. Anse Coco Beach is a secluded sanctuary that is surrounded by lush greenery and can only be reached by foot. The shallow pools are the perfect place to cool off during the warmer hours of the day and only the most experienced swimmers will want to venture into the deeper waters with the stronger currents.


The Grand Anse and Petite Anse Beaches are also must-see destinations for visitors and they couldn’t be more different from each other. Grand Anse is the longest beach on the island and the remote area offers a lot of quiet. Petite Anse is much smaller, but its proximity to a hotel makes it the perfect destination for families. This beach is one of the best locations for surfing and with less crowds, there is always room to play beach games.


The Union Estate Park used to be a coconut and vanilla plantation, and everyone will want to explore it to learn more about its history. The Plantation House was built using wood and then covered with palm leaves, and it is one of the oldest French colonial architectural buildings on the island. The Aldabra Giant Tortoise enclosure is quite popular as well, even though the tortoises stay inside the building instead of being allowed to roam free outside. The old cemetery is the most visited site in the park and all the first settlers of the island are buried there.


The Veuve Nature Reserve is where the amazing paradise flycatcher can be spotted, and the male flycatcher has only been seen on La Digue. Anyone that is strolling along the walking trails in this nature reserve will want to pay attention to the information that is provided about the trees and plants on the island as well as the other animals that they might see. After all, the terrapins, moorhens, and fruit bats call the Veuve Nature Reserve their home too.


Walking or bicycling around La Digue Island is the best way to get around, as it offers the easiest way to see and experience everything that the island offers. For such a small island, there is plenty to do, and everyone will be able to spend lots of time outside in the beautiful weather.

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