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Dreaming of a destination that combines breathtaking landscapes, cultural treasures, and thrilling adventures? Look no further! Welcome to the ultimate Kazakhstan travel guide, where readers will discover all the insider tips, hidden gems, and must-see attractions to make their journey an extraordinary one. From learning about the best time to visit Kazakhstan to uncovering unique places to stay, delving into a captivating 6-night 7-day itinerary, and even mastering the art of exploring on a budget, this blog has it all. Readers will be ready to immerse themselves in the beauty of Kazakhstan, unlock its secrets, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let the exhilarating escapade begin! 

Best Time to Visit Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan offers a range of experiences throughout the year, but if you’re looking for the ideal time to visit, you’ll want to consider the months of April to June and September to October. Let’s explore why these periods are considered the best times to visit Kazakhstan. 

April to June

During the months of April to June, Kazakhstan emerges from the grip of winter, and nature comes alive in a stunning display of beauty and vitality. Spring brings pleasant temperatures ranging from mild to warm, making it a comfortable time for outdoor activities and exploration. 


One of the main highlights of visiting Kazakhstan in spring is the opportunity to witness the breathtaking cherry blossom season. In Almaty, the city’s parks and botanical gardens are adorned with delicate pink and white cherry blossoms, creating a picturesque scene reminiscent of Japanese sakura. It’s a magical time to stroll through these enchanting spaces, capturing stunning photographs and immersing yourself in the serene ambiance. 


Additionally, spring is an excellent time for hiking and trekking in the stunning landscapes of Kazakhstan. The mountains and national parks, such as the Tian Shan Mountains and Altyn-Emel National Park, offer pristine trails, blossoming alpine meadows, and mesmerizing views. You can witness cascading waterfalls, spot diverse wildlife, and revel in the tranquil atmosphere of nature awakening after the winter slumber. 

September to October

As summer transitions into autumn, the months of September to October bring a different kind of charm to Kazakhstan. The temperatures begin to cool down, and the landscapes transform into a captivating palette of red, orange, and gold as the foliage changes colors. 


Autumn is an excellent time to explore the cultural and historical gems of Kazakhstan. The ancient city of Turkistan, with its Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, becomes even more enchanting against the backdrop of autumn hues. The weather is pleasant for exploring the city’s vibrant markets, tasting local delicacies, and immersing yourself in the rich history and traditions of the region. 


For nature enthusiasts, autumn in Kazakhstan offers a chance to witness the awe-inspiring golden eagle hunting festivals. These traditional events take place in the mountainous regions, where skilled Kazakh eagle hunters showcase their falconry expertise. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about this centuries-old practice, witness the bond between hunters and their majestic eagles, and gain insights into Kazakh culture. 


Whether you choose to visit during the vibrant spring with its cherry blossoms or the captivating autumn with its golden landscapes and cultural festivities, both April to June and September to October provide ideal weather conditions and incredible experiences in Kazakhstan. Plan your trip accordingly to make the most of these magical seasons and create unforgettable memories. 

Places to Stay in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan offers a range of cities that serve as ideal bases for exploration. Here are three captivating cities to consider for your stay: 

1. Almaty

The Cultural Hub: Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, is a vibrant city nestled at the foothills of the stunning Tian Shan Mountains. With its dynamic arts scene, bustling markets, and rich cultural heritage, Almaty is a must-visit destination. When it comes to accommodations, you have options to suit every budget: 

  • Budget: Almaty Backpackers is the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking a cozy and social atmosphere. Enjoy meeting fellow adventurers while exploring the city’s vibrant ambiance. 
  • Mid-range: Alma-Ata Hotel provides comfortable and spacious rooms along with friendly service. Its central location makes it convenient to explore Almaty’s top attractions. 
  • Luxury: Indulge in the lap of luxury at Hotel Rixos Almaty, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the city and mountains. Experience world-class amenities and impeccable service during your stay. 

2. Nur-Sultan (Astana)

Kazakhstan Travel

The Modern Marvel: Nur-Sultan (Astana), the capital city of Kazakhstan, is a testament to the country’s rapid development and modernity. Its futuristic architecture, iconic landmarks, and vibrant cultural scene make it an exciting destination. Check out these fantastic accommodations: 

  • Budget: Ibis Astana offers comfortable rooms at affordable prices. It’s conveniently located near major attractions, making it a great choice for budget travelers. 
  • Mid-range: Ajour Hotel, a boutique hotel in the city center, provides a comfortable and elegant stay. Enjoy easy access to Nur-Sultan’s main attractions and business districts. 
  • Luxury: Immerse yourself in luxury at The St. Regis Astana, where spacious rooms, exquisite decor, and top-notch facilities await. Revel in breathtaking views of the city skyline during your stay.  

3. Shymkent

The Gateway to the South: Shymkent, the third-largest city in Kazakhstan, is a perfect base for exploring the southern regions. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and traditional charm, Shymkent offers a unique travel experience. Here are some accommodations to consider: 

  • Budget: Shymkent Hotel offers comfortable rooms and basic amenities at affordable prices. Its central location allows for easy exploration of Shymkent’s attractions.
  • Mid-range: Orbita Boutique Hotel provides a comfortable stay with modern amenities and a convenient location. Experience the city’s warmth and hospitality while enjoying a relaxing stay. 
  • Luxury: Discover the charm of Saraichik Hotel, where cozy rooms, a tranquil ambiance, and personalized service create a memorable experience. 

From budget-friendly options to luxurious indulgences, Kazakhstan caters to every traveler’s preference. When planning your trip, consider the city that resonates with your interests, and choose the perfect hotel that fits your budget and style. Get ready for an unforgettable stay in Kazakhstan! 

Things to Do in Kazakhstan

Now that you’ve settled into your accommodation, it’s time to dive into the captivating experiences awaiting you in Kazakhstan. Here are some must-do activities and attractions to add to your itinerary: 


Medeu Skating Rink and Shymbulak Ski Resort in Almaty: Lace up your skates and glide across the ice at Medeu Skating Rink, one of the world’s highest-altitude rinks. If you’re visiting during winter, head to Shymbulak Ski Resort for thrilling skiing and snowboarding adventures amidst breathtaking mountain scenery. 


Charyn Canyon: Prepare to be awestruck by the natural wonders of Charyn Canyon, often referred to as the “miniature Grand Canyon.” Marvel at its majestic rock formations, hike through its rugged trails, and capture stunning photographs. 


Baikonur Cosmodrome: Embark on a journey to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world’s first and largest operational space launch facility. Take a guided tour to witness the historical launch sites and learn about space exploration. 


Astana Opera: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the performing arts at the Astana Opera House. Enjoy breathtaking ballet performances, operas, and classical music concerts in a magnificent architectural masterpiece. 

6-Night 7-Day Itinerary for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Travel

To ensure you experience the best of Kazakhstan, we’ve crafted a detailed 6-night 7-day Kazakhstan itinerary for your convenience: 

Day 1: Arrive in Almaty, explore the city’s highlights, and visit the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan.

Day 2: Visit the Medeu Skating Rink, indulge in winter sports at Shymbulak Ski Resort, and take a cable car to Kok-Tobe Hill for panoramic views.

Day 3: Venture to Charyn Canyon, hike through its stunning landscapes, and witness the sunset over this natural marvel.

Day 4: Fly to Nur-Sultan (Astana), visit Baiterek Tower, explore the Nur-Astana Mosque, and stroll along the beautiful Ishim River.

Day 5: Journey to the historic city of Turkistan, discover the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, and explore the vibrant local market.

Day 6: Return to Almaty, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Green Bazaar, and savor local culinary delights.

Day 7: Departure from Almaty, carrying unforgettable memories of Kazakhstan. 

Budget for Kazakhstan Trip

Exploring Kazakhstan doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some budget-friendly tips to help you plan your trip without breaking the bank: 

Accommodations: Opt for guesthouses, hostels, or budget hotels to save on accommodation costs. Almaty Backpackers and Ajour Hotel are excellent choices for budget-conscious travelers.

Dining: Sample local street food and dine at local eateries to savor authentic flavors without splurging. Don’t miss trying traditional Kazakh dishes like beshbarmak and manty.

Transportation: Utilize public transportation or shared taxis within cities to save on travel expenses. Consider group tours for remote areas to share costs with fellow adventurers. 

Attractions: Take advantage of discounted hours or free-entry days at museums and attractions. Plan your itinerary accordingly to make the most of these opportunities. 

Souvenirs: Shop at local markets for unique souvenirs and handmade crafts at reasonable prices. Support local artisans while keeping your budget intact. 


You’re now equipped with all the necessary information to embark on an unforgettable journey through Kazakhstan. Discover the best time to visit, choose the perfect cities to stay in, indulge in thrilling activities, follow our 6-night 7-day itinerary, and explore the country on a budget. Kazakhstan’s mesmerizing landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality await you. Pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and let Kazakhstan’s enchanting beauty captivate your heart! 

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