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    About Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park, also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve. It is nestled in the Maikal range of Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India that forms the central Indian highlands. The Kanha National Park is being popularized as the Tiger reserve and interestingly is being declared as one of the finest wildlife regions in the world. It is spread across two earnings districts the Mandala and the Balaghat. Kanha National Park was declared reserve forestland in 1879 and revalued as a wildlife sanctuary in 1933. Its position was further upgraded to a national park in 1955.


The geographies and the surrounding luxurious meadows along with the wooded strands and the packed maroons of forests offer chivalrous sightseeing adventures for the nature addicts. Making the land more beautiful and lovable, the crystal clear aqueducts amidst the thick jungle cleanses the surroundings and makes the wildlife unexampled. This vivacious land has been the source of alleviation for Rudyard Kipling, a notorious author for his outstanding creation-“ The Jungle Book”.


The Kanha National Park is the ideal home for wide ranges of wild brutes; right from the potent barracuda to the most populated Barasingha and the uncountable species of plants, birds, reptiles and insects. This reserve has fascinated numerous trippers around the corners of the world with its well-evolved infrastructure specially meant for them. The relaxed spot here to enjoy the most is the Bammi Dadar, also known as the Sunset Point.


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Kanha National Park Location

Kanha National Park is located in the Mandla and Balaghat district of central India state of Madhya Pradesh.

Why Is Kanha National Park Famous?

Kanha national park is famous for the scientific conservation regulation in the country. It reflects the success of the “Project Tiger” in India as it helps to boast of a significant number of tigers.

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    Kanha National Park Animals
There are some necessary details needed for safari reservation
  • Full Name of every traveler.
  • Age & Gender
  • Nation
Any Identity evidence details like Adhar Card Passport, Driving License, Visage Card or  Voter ID Card. Travelers are needed to carry the same ID evidence in original at the time of visiting the public forest.

Area Covered By Kanha National Park

The Kanha National Park is spread across the area of 940 sq km in the Maikal chain of hills. By bringing up the buffer and core zone altogether. The Kanha Tiger Reserve has a total area of 1945 sq km.

Famous Tigers in Kanha National Park

There are approximately 118 tigers in Kanha National Park and 20 Cubs. Out of which the following are the famous tigers.
  • Junior Bajrang
  • Neelam
  • Naina with her Cubs
  • Sangam joker
  • Kisli zone Sandook Khol female
  • Supkhar male and Sangam male.
  • Kopedabri Male
  • Dhamangaon male
  • Umarpani male
  • DJ Female
  • MC Lady

Core Zones In Kanha National Park

There are four core zones that are accessible from different entry gates. All these core zones are veritably popular among excursionists.
  • Mukki
  • Kanha
  • Kisli
  • Sarhi
     Core Zones     Entrance Gates       (Full Safari)     Entrance Gate
      Kanha Zone Khatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate       Khatia Gate
      Mukki Zone Khatia / Mukki Gate       Mukki Gate
      Kisli Zone Khatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate       Khatia Gate
      Sarhi Zone Khatia / Sarhi Gate       Sarhi Gate

Buffer Zones In Kanha National Park

The buffer zones can also be accessed as below: Kanha buffer zones are accessible from different entrance gates. At present, three safari entrance gates are existing i.e. Khatia gate, Mukki gate and Sarhi gate.


       Safari Zone Entrance Gates For Safari Zone
       Khatia Zone From Khatia Entrance Gate
       Khapa Zone From Mukki Entrance Gate
       Phen Zone Separate gate, ideal for Mukki gate resorts
      Sijora Zone From Sarhi Entrance Gate
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    Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha is well-known for its instigative wildlife safaris. There are two types of safaris available in Kanha National Park

  • Wildlife Safari

  • Elephant Safari

Wildlife Safari In Kanha National Park

Open Jeep safaris are the stylish way to observe wildlife at the thick & lush green timber of  Kanha National Park. 4 X 4 Open Jeeps with groups of excursionists, individualities accompanied by an educated naturalist are allowed into the forest at fixed timings. There are 04 different zones at Kanha National Park for doing the Jungle Safari rides.


Kisli, Mukki, Kanha and Sarhi. Vehicle charges & companion figures are the other charges which are separate also entrance tickets.

At Kanha National forest in a single-day jeep safari can be done 02 times. One in the early morning hours & the other in the late evening by using an 06 seater open vehicle. In each vehicle, 6 passengers were allowed to travel along with one naturalist and one motorist.  A limited no of vehicles are permitted to enter inside the timber in each shift.


It’s judicious to bespeak the entrance ticket by well advanced to avoid any chance of attainability of safari seats. Vehicles Permitted to enter inside the public forest in each shift Safari Zones Kisli Zone Kanha  Zone Mukki Zone Sarhi Zone.


The Kanha National Park safari timings are:

Timings Morning Safari Afternoon Safari
16th October to 15th FebruarySunrise to 11:00 AM02:00 PM to Sunset
16th February to 15th AprilSunrise to 11:00 AM03 PM to Sunset
16th April to 30th JuneSunrise to 10:00 AM03:30 PM to Sunset

At Kanha Afternoon shift of Jeep Safari remains closed for visitors every Wednesday.

Morning & Afternoon both the shift remains close on Holi jubilee (In the month of March).


Elephant Safari In Kanha National Park

Normally, 3 hr ride is given to those candidates who have booked an entire day wilderness safari for natural life film and photography reasons. Its expense is exceptionally high due to which just monetarily sound guests can hope to partake during this ride. Entire day elephant back safaris should be reserved in good development and need the consent of the Field Head of Public Park. Process for Elephant Safari booking needs to be started basically before 30 days or more. The safari tickets are often reserved at the present ticket counter of Kanha. Also, a limit of 4 people is taken into consideration on just one occasion barring mahout. Timings: 8 AM – 9 AM & 9 AM – 10 PM, Closed on Holi & during monsoon months

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    Kanha National Park Safari

Below are the Safari Booking Documents

There are some necessary details needed for safari reservation

  • Full Name of every traveler.
  • Age & Gender
  • Nation

Any Identity evidence details like Adhar Card Passport, Driving License, Visage Card or  Voter ID Card. Travelers are needed to carry the same ID evidence in original at the time of visiting the public forest.

Activity to do In Kanha National Park  

A paradise of mesmerizing flora and fauna. Kanha National Park is one of the topmost traveler destinations in Madhya Pradesh because of the following reasons.

  • Kanha Museum
  • Night Safari
  • Nature Trails for Nature Lovers
  • Village Visit
  • Camping
  • Night Safari

One of the most thrilling, invigorating and brave activities at Kanha is arranging a night safari. A  night safari at the Kanha Public Park is organized in the Mukki support zone. It is an extraordinary movement you can insight with your loved ones.

The night safari assists you with seeing the wild after the sun goes down. On occasion, the normal twilight draws out a few fascinating subtleties of the existence of nighttime animals.

Tribal Dance

We additionally partook in the ancestral dance organized by the hotel executives. An ancestral dance among the timberland in Infront of the huge fire was most certainly a lifetime experience. You will be noticing the Ancestral Moves of Madhya Pradesh like Grida, Maanch,  Matki Dance, and then some. Appreciate outdoor shows of Ancestral Moves in ethnic outfits in the Evening in the midst of lilting hearty tunes and the amaze of Pit fire.

Bird Watching

Birdwatching, or birding, is a type of natural life experience in which the perception of birds is a  sporting activity. It tends to be finished with the unaided eye, through a visual upgrade gadget like optics and telescopes, by tuning in for bird sounds.

Jungle Safari

Wilderness safari doesn’t just incorporate visiting a specific area’s wildernesses. Public parks and untamed life asylums too as protection stores can be incorporated as choices. What’s more, you can take nature strolls just as wild setting up camp. With everything taken into account,  make proper acquaintance in the best way imaginable to Natural force. Keeping in the wilderness lodges given inside the asylum regions by the various backwoods offices is additionally essential for this safari offer and the ideal method for partaking in your vacation is to hang out in the wilderness region, loose, and sit idle.

Nature Walk

Going on a nature stroll around evening time through timberland is an altogether different encounter from seeing it during the day. Indeed, even the sounds and the minuscule birds and bugs that you see are unique. Over the course of the day, most birds are occupied and around evening time they rest, so there is a fair shot at detecting any dozing in a tree. Around evening time, the buzz of crickets and grasshoppers is regularly clear and substantially more.

Sunset Point

Something terrific with regards to dusks here. Also what’s significantly more interesting is the manner by which the lovely nightfall examines different spots. A few tracks down heartfelt nightfalls; some get into a philosophical stage. It’s charming and extraordinary to see that nature influences people. Simply get the occasion, assuming you respect the excellence of dusks.

Ajgar Dadar

A transcendent area of Indian Stone Python, here you can advantageously see pythons,  everything being equal, from little to enormous. These pythons are ordered by experts here  under ‘Amazingly uncommon species.’ They work on the conservation of these species also.

Best Time To Visit Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh?

The temperature goes to outrageous levels in Kanha. In the late spring season (April to June) the best temperature drifts around 43 degrees. Winters (November to February) are often very viral. In winters,  the ice frequently shrouds the knolls. The simplest and perfect opportunity to go to Kanha Tiger Save is that the period from starting October to June ends. The recreation area stays shut for the guests during the rainstorm season from July to September, because the streets aren’t traversable during this era.

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    Bird Watching In Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park has open prairies and glades, regions with thick woodlands, many water bodies and lakes. Organization of running streams and underdevelopment, vegetation establishing a climate and climate feasible to assist and sustain an assortment of birds.


The best season for bird watching at Kanha Tiger Save is during winter. Numerous transient birds visit  India during winter, offering rewards to bird watchers and increasing the excellence of timberlands. But,  the month of April is awesome to think about: neighborhood birds to be Mahua (Madhuca Indica) and various other nearby plants are fully sprouting. The best way of appreciating a bird-watching trip is to travel inside the support zone of Kanha with a specialist, where you’ll get to ascertain the foremost species. To convey a Binocular, Bird Manual and tons of tolerance to understand and encounter wonderful birds.

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    Fauna of Kanha National Park

The multicolored avian magnificence seen inside Kanha National Park is one that would not be an overestimated insight. Kanha National Park is the significant focal Indian woodland documented for  Imperial Bengal tiger and Marsh Deer (Barasingha). It’s quite 300+ sorts of birds, not many usually seen excellent birds are represented further during this article.

Kanha National Park Jabalpur

The nearest city and railway station to Kanha National Park is Jabalpur. It’s only 160 km down.  Nagpur city is also in the vicinity of this place and at a distance of 265 km. The nearest railway station of Kanha is Jabalpur. It’s 165 km from Kanha.

How To Reach Kanha National Park

By Air: Jabalpur (170 km) is the closest airport terminal associated straightforwardly with Mumbai and New Delhi air terminals.

By Rail: The Closest Railroad Stations for going to Kanha Public Park is 

Gondia and Jabalpur.  Gondia rail route station is 145kms/03:00 hrs drive from Kanha (Khatia Entry Entryway). Jabalpur rail route station is 165kms/04:00 hrs drive from Kanha (Mukki Entry Entryway)

By Road: Jabalpur (165 km – 4 hours) and Raipur (250 km – 6 hours) are the nearest and most accessible cities from Kanha National Park by road. located close to Kanha National Park.

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