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Don’t want a boring holiday this summer? Let’s show you an entertaining high adrenaline vacay option: the Formula 1 Grand Prix! If you are a sports geek (or not!) you would definitely want to watch these single-seated open-wheel formula 1 drive insanely (literally).


International racing has one name that is Formula 1 Grand Prix or F1 Grand Prix. This is the highest class of international racing for open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars sanctioned by the Federation Internationale De I’Automoble (FIA). The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), motorsport’s world governing organization, manages Formula One, the highest class of open-wheeled car racing series. The word “formula” in the name refers to a set of FIA rules that must be followed by all participants and vehicles. The Formula One World Championship season consists of a series of races known as Grand Prix staged across the world, most of which are held on purpose-built courses but a few of which are held on closed city streets. Each Grand Prix is held over three days, with two or three practice sessions prior to a three-part qualifying session on either Friday or Saturday to determine the starting order for either Saturday’s sprint qualifying session (which determines the event’s final starting places) or Sunday’s race.


If F1 holds two or more races in the same country in the same year, either on a different or the same circuit, the Grand Prix names will be different. Throughout the season, the results of each Grand Prix are combined to determine two annual championships, one for drivers and one for constructors.


Grand Prix distance rules have changed over the course of F1 history. Formula 1 race time lasted longer than 300 km (190 mi) or three hours between 1950 and 1957. Race distances were set between 300 and 500 kilometers (190 and 310 mi) or two hours in 1958. It was lowered to between 300 and 400 km (190 and 250 mi) in 1966, with a maximum length of 321.87 km (200.00 mi) designated in 1971. Races were to last either 321.87 km (200.00 mi) or two hours from 1973 to 1980, whichever came first. From 1981 to 1984, distances of 250 to 320 km (160 to 200 mi) or two hours were used.

This year’s Formula 1 Race Schedule Goes As:

  1. 23rd-25th February, 2022 – Pre-season track session in Spain.
  2. 10th-12th March, 2022 – Pre-season test in Bahrain
  3. 18th– 20th March, 2022 – Round 1: Bahrain
  4. 25th– 27th March, 2022 – Round 2: Saudi Arabian
  5. 8th– 10th April, 2022 – Round 3: Australia
  6. 22nd– 24th April, 2022 – Round 4: Italy
  7. 6th– 8th May, 2022 – Round 5: Miami
  8. 20th– 22nd May, 2022 – Round 6: Spain
  9. 27th– 29th May, 2022 – Round 7: Monaco

The Formula 1 Upcoming Races Are:

  1. 10th– 12th June, 2022 – Round 8: Azerbaijan
  2. 17th– 19th June, 2022 – Round 9: Canada
  3. 1st– 3rd July, 2022 – Round 10: Great Britain
  4. 8th– 10th July, 2022 – Round 11: Austria
  5. 22nd – 24th July, 2022 – Round 12: France
  6. 29th– 31st July, 2022 – Round 13: Hungary
  7. 26th– 28th August, 2022 – Round 14: Belgium
  8. 2nd– 4th September, 2022 – Round 15: Netherlands
  9. 9th– 11th September, 2022 – Round 16: Italy
  10. 30th September – 2nd October, 2022 – Round 17: Singapore
  11. 7th– 9th October, 2022 – Round 18: Japan
  12. 21st– 23rd October, 2022 – Round 19: United States
  13. 28th– 30th October, 2022 – Round 20: Mexico
  14. 11th-13th November, 2022 – Round 21: Brazil
  15. 18th– 20th November, 2022 – Round 22: Abu Dhabi

The most fascinating feature about these races are that the Formula 1 race tracks are all very different from one another. The turns are heavily contorted to break speeds and give resistance to the formula 1 race car drivers. Let’s have a view of the upcoming Formula 1 race tracks:

Formula 1 Racing
Formula 1 Racing

This year’s top three formula 1 race car drivers are: Max Verstappen at number 1 with 125 points, Charles Leclerc at number 2 with 116 points and Sergio Perez at number 3 with 110 points.

Formula 1 Racing

The top 2 teams of formula 1 racing are Red Bull Racing at number 1 with 235 points and Ferrari at number 2 with 199 points.

Formula 1 Racing

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