Explore the Best Season of Wildlife at Pench Jungle Camp

Explore the Best Season of Wildlife at Pench Jungle Camp

Pench National Park has been around since 1975 and covers a 257.26-square kilometre area in the Madhya Pradesh state. It’s a well-known tiger reserve, making it a great place to explore for a day trip and a chance to spot the wild cats in their natural environment. Pench Jungle Camp offers unforgettable adventures in deciduous forests, which are home to numerous flora and fauna, including various types of birds, deer, and tigers.

How to visit


Minimise your guesswork and save money when planning your trip. Look for a reliable travel booking engine that offers discounted rates for groups. Some packages can accommodate up to 11 adults and come with a jungle safari ride in the core zone of Khursapar. Try to schedule your visit in the morning for better opportunities to spot tigers.

Weather information


Pench National Park is in Madhya Pradesh, meaning it has the state’s subtropical climate. Summer can be hot as temperatures range from 21 degrees to 42 degrees Celsius from March to June. Warm weather takes a backseat in July because of heavy rains. Winter is the best time to schedule your visit.

When to visit


The colder months from November to February are preferable for visits to the Pench Jungle Camp. It’s the season when migratory birds dwell in the park with native birds. You’ll also enjoy more pleasant temperatures that won’t tire you out fast.

If you plan to go in the summer in February, try to schedule your visit in the morning when temperatures are still bearable. Around noon, the heat can become unbearable and cause discomfort. It’s also advisable to wear proper clothing and gear to stay cool and comfortable while spotting tigers during your Pench Jungle Camp. You can also look for tours that allow you to explore the park at night to spot nocturnal creatures.

The park is closed during the monsoon season from July to September, as rains can become heavy downpours, making it challenging to get around the park.

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