Best Time to Explore Kanha Jungle Safari

Best Time to Explore Kanha Jungle Safari

India has a great selection of national parks perfect for tiger sightings. One is Kanha-Kisli National Park, more popularly known as Kanha Tiger Reserve. It’s the largest in Madhya Pradesh, a state in the heart of the country. If you’re visiting, you can make the most of the experience by booking a Kanha jungle safari package. That way, you can explore Hallon and Banjar, the two sanctuaries spanning 250 and 300 square kilometres, respectively.

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How many days should you spend here?


If you’re sightseeing with a loved one, consider booking a morning Kanha jungle safari for three hours and thirty minutes. It will bring you through the Kanha Core Zone. 

The package should include accommodation for one night in an air-conditioned cottage at Kanha Jungle Camp, which is close to the park’s Mukki Gate. Each cottage provides a safari escapade experience as it is built with indigenous materials and adorned with native prints, organic toiletries, and wooden beds. Make sure your package includes meals.


When to go


Kanha National Park is open from October 15 to June 30. The best time to go on a Kanha jungle safari is between October and March, particularly in the winter when the weather is more pleasant. Most tourists visit between November and February because of the cool temperatures perfect for spotting animals, especially the colourful migratory birds visiting the park.


You could also try booking a Kanha jungle safari in the summer from March to May when the vegetation dries up, making it easier to spot tigers and take pictures. However, be prepared for the high temperatures by dressing appropriately for the weather.

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