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Travel is pretty much incomplete without a sober place to stay and rest in. Rishikesh is a beautiful place and stay locations that are very comfortable and tranquil actually enhances your vacation or staycation. Who would want to book beautiful accommodation in one of the best resort in Rishikesh that fails to reflect the character of Rishikesh; its feel, atmosphere, and even view? I’m sure I wouldn’t. And if you’re one of those people, this site isn’t for you. If you share my concern, you are in for a treat; a delight for your eyes, mind, and body!

The Ganges River banks provide a really peaceful setting. The serene atmosphere of the Rishikesh resorts is favorable to meditation and relaxation, with only the fast-flowing Ganges and the ringing of temple bells during Ganga Aartis interrupting the stillness. The resorts I am going to suggest in this blog are verified luxurious retreats for the ultimate peace and serenity.

We know that the mundane city life is what you want to shut down at the back of your mind. Rishikesh, a city of peace and serenity is what can calm your stressed soul.To enhance the experience of the stay you can definitely pick Aloha On The Ganges resort to chill and refresh. Located by the river Ganges, it not only brings in the delightful chirp of birds and ripple sound of the river, its location heals the soul.

The best part is the resort provides rafting facilities that can also feed the adventurer is you. You can move around the lush gardens or sit and stargaze there. In terms of magnificent views, Aloha on the Ganges may be similar to many other resorts in Rishikesh near Ganga. However, unlike others, the resort provides both physical and mental relaxation. It also helps guests understand the value of calm and personal space in their daily lives.

best resort in rishikesh

Prepare to be enchanted by the music of the cold air flowing over the valley and the wonderful sounds of Holy Ganges water hitting the rocks along the banks. The resort is not just a starting point for adventure activities like whitewater rafting and jungle safaris, but it is also a yoga and meditation center. And the Sal trees that surround the resort provide a magical atmosphere, propelling it to the top of the list of finest resorts in Rishikesh.

best resort in rishikesh
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Ell Bee Ganga View

Unlike most of Rishikesh’s greatest resorts, Ell Bee Ganga View sits in the centre of the city. The river-facing resort offers a panoramic view of the tranquil hills and perfectly embodies the essence of Rishikesh. Furthermore, The Sitting Elephant Restaurant’s sumptuous dining and exquisite rooms give that extra opulent experience that one can only aspire for.

It offers a retreat-like atmosphere with views of the beautiful Rajaji National Park and Himalayan mountains. It has a combination of rooms and suites that are all tastefully decorated, as well as complimentary yoga lessons on the riverbank. You’ll find plenty to satisfy your taste buds in its 24-hour café, and then there’s the rooftop restaurant, which has River Ganga caressing it on three sides.

best resort in rishikesh

If you are in search of a serene place to revive just overlooking the Ganges, this is a perfect retreat for you. Being on the side of a national highway, this is a simple to travel location with plenty of parking space. The views from the rooms are an add on that is the main attractiveness of the resort. 


Also there are pool facilities that can relax you. Just think you are sitting by an infinity pool that overlooks the Ganga during dusk! The resort also offers morning yoga lessons for the interested ones. Just think that early in the morning you are taking a fresh breath of workout air by the Ganges!

Another mesmerizing fact about this resort is its polite welcome with chandan teeka, tulsi mala and a refreshing drink. This really is a tick off the bucket list being welcomed like some celebrity!

best resort in rishikesh
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The Narayana Palace

One of the green havens of Rishikesh is this hotel situated amidst nature. The gardens have a scenic beauty that accentuates the peace as if staying on an island top. You can definitely sit with a cup of your favourite drink in the dusk and see the sun set from the balcony that overlooks the garden and green, or simply have the serenity of reading a book with cosmo in your hand. Looks like a good plan right?Close your eyes and listen to the melodious sounds of birds outside your window. When you open them, you’ll witness the rustic-chic extravagance of The Narayana Palace by Salvus, which is located on 5 acres of rich woodlands and granite stones. When this hotel first debuted in Rishikesh in 2006, there were few alternatives. These days, there are lots of nearby lights, yet this natural sanctuary still feels wild enough to pique your interest. A guided stroll to the white sand beach is available. Yoga sessions, a swimming pool, a garden, activities for children, rafting and other adventure sports, and spa treatments (touch of Ayurveda). It’s no surprise that everyone here is grinning. One of the first luxurious but relaxed hotels to open in Rishikesh.

best resort in rishikesh
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Lemon Tree Premier

Lemon Tree Premier, Rishikesh, a gorgeous premium resort, is located on the banks of the holy Ganges river, with its own Ghat. This beautiful sanctuary provides captivating views of the River Ganges and Ganga Beach, as well as the foothills of the Himalayan sub-belt, and is strategically placed just 30 minutes from Dehradun Airport. A lengthy driveway takes you into a bright and welcoming lobby with an elegantly built reception area and plenty of seats. The resort has 65 luxurious rooms and suites that mix subtle elegance and old-world charm with modern amenities and conveniences.

The sleek and comfortable rooms and suites, designed for the modern visitor seeking a calm stay, provide breathtaking views of the beach, the riverbed, and the verdant highlands beyond. The resort accommodates all types of travelers, from staycationers to extended leisure travelers to adventure seekers. You may indulge in lavish spa treatments at Fresco, swim a few laps in the gorgeous outdoor pool, enjoy private yoga classes at Aura, stroll down to the personal Ghat, Mandala, for the daily Aarti, or sample the wonderful foods prepared by the chefs.

best resort in rishikesh
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Ananda- In the Himalayas

Ananda is a serene resort that truly delivers you with a lovely experience, as the name suggests. The resort is spread out across a broad region and provides a plethora of amenities, allowing you to have a stress-free time. As lovely and delightful as it is to stay here, this is regarded as one of the greatest resorts in Rishikesh for a variety of reasons. Ananda blends the therapeutic concepts of the East and West, with a special focus on Ayurveda and Yoga, as well as contemporary International spa experiences, to restore balance and harmonize energy via a comprehensive approach.

Ananda in the Himalayas, constructed around a Maharaja’s royal estate and located 260 kilometers north of New Delhi, is set among 100 acres of natural forest and launched in September 2000. The resort includes a refurbished Viceroy’s Palace, a world-class Spa, 70 deluxe rooms, five suites, and three villas. Two of these villas have two bedrooms, while the third has a single bedroom and overlooks the Ganges River and the hill. Ananda is a globally recognized sanctuary delivering an enlightening experience meant to heal, refresh, and energize with the finest levels of care, elegant rooms, inventive gastronomy, and stunning mountain vistas.

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Glasshouse - On The Ganges

Enjoy The Glasshouse on The Ganges’ new location, nestled away in what was previously Neemrana’s Himalayan Hideaway. It is a magnificent natural site where you can practically open your windows and be transported to another universe as clouds drift in and out to provide views of the Garhwal Himalayas. Our Rishikesh hotel has its own sand beach, which is set in a tropical plant garden rich with unusual birds and butterflies.

There is no finer refuge of serenity anywhere in the environs of Rishikesh after the frenetic buzz of the throngs that swarm the daily dip or the Kumbh Mela.

It is well-known for its tranquil and spiritual atmosphere. You may easily transit between the Glasshouse and the throng pilgrimage sites without feeling the burden of its intriguing but constant tyranny of numbers—the most tranquil bank to view the Kumbh! At the Parmarth Niketan Ashram, you may take part in an evening Arti. Additionally, you might go to Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula.

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Sterling Palm Bliss

The Sterling Palm Bliss Rishikesh is a retreat for a life-enriching, healthy vacation and is located at the foot of the Himalayas.

Their wellness programmes include detox, stress management, yoga, healthy living, and remedies for burnout. Through yoga, exercise, detox, and wellness, Palm Bliss Ayurvedic Resort is committed to assisting you in realizing your potential, boosting your energy, recovering from exhaustion, and enhancing your vitality.

best resort in rishikesh
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Hotel Vilana

Hotel Vilana is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of the mystical city of Rishikesh city.

The Yoga Capital being one of the biggest spiritual centers in the world is a hot spot for travelers across the globe. Discover thousands of rewarding reasons because it’s good not to be home but it is amazing to be at the best hotel in Rishikesh.

best resort in rishikesh

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