If you’ve never considered traveling in November, it’s time to reconsider! The penultimate month of the year is a fantastic time to see the iconic landmarks of Europe without the crowds, to enjoy spring in the Southern Hemisphere, swim in the warm turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean, or watch the spectacular fall leaves in Japan. The 10 best places to visit in November are:

1.New York City, USA

If you get the opportunity to visit New York City in November, take advantage of it. This transitional month is jam-packed with incredible events, from the world’s largest marathon to the renowned Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony. The foliage in Central Park is stunning, the theatrical season is in full flow on and off-Broadway, and the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade sweeps over Manhattan.

By the end of November, New York begins to resemble Christmas. As the days become shorter and chillier, Midtown’s department shops unveil their spectacular winter window decorations, and ice rinks and seasonal markets spring up all across the city.

Best Places To Visit In November

2. Bangkok, Thailand

There is no better time to visit Bangkok than in November when the city is drying up from the rainy season, temps are moderate enough (mid-20s Celsius) for pleasant touring, and the holiday throngs have yet to arrive. The Thai capital is a dazzling, delirious spectacle that rewards urban explorers of all types with its incredible foodscape, active street life, and expanding art scene, as well as calm Buddhist temples, luxurious royal palaces, and delightfully chaotic floating markets. Loi Krathong, one of Thailand’s most popular holidays, is also celebrated in November when villagers congregate around lakes, rivers, and canals to release magnificently painted floating boats in a spectacular ritual designed to honor the river goddess, Pra Mae Khongkha, and to wash away misfortune.

Best Places To Visit In November

3. Mauritius

Mauritius is a pleasant location to visit any time of the year with seamless shores, azure oceans, powder-white beaches, and warm, sunny weather all year.


This remote, multicultural paradise is located about 2,400 kilometers east of mainland Africa and is one of the most spectacular islands in the Indian Ocean – an adventurer’s playground with world-class diving and snorkeling, excellent golf courses, delicious fusion cuisine, and wonderful wildlife watching opportunities.


In Mauritius, November signals the start of summer, which brings long sunny days, lower humidity, and average temperatures ranging from 22°C to 28°C. The water is warm and clear, ideal for scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. Humpback whales may still be seen off the west coast (season runs from July to November), and Diwali, the ancient Hindu festival of lights, is observed.

Best Places To Visit In November

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is at its finest in November when spring has arrived and the city is hooded in purple blossoms from the city’s many jacaranda trees.


Argentina’s cosmopolitan city exudes a chic European vibe, thanks to its beautiful Belle Epoque architecture, elegant avenues, and evocative cobblestone streets lined with charming cafés and stores. The city’s undeniable attractiveness stems from its thriving art scene, exciting nightlife, and delectable food, as do its two main loves – football and tango. If possible, attend a match between the local rival teams, River Plate and Boca, or put on your dance shoes and head to a milonga for free tango lessons.

Best Places To Visit In November

5. Istanbul, Turkey

Its skyline is dominated by grand mosques, ancient towers, and ultra-modern skyscrapers. Steamy hammams, exotic teahouses, and lively bazaars coexist with high-end retail places, chic restaurants, and modern art galleries beneath in a clever blend of old and new. And there it is, the huge Bosphorus strait, destined to pull them apart for good. This is Istanbul, one of the world’s most beautiful and dramatic cities, and the spot where, contrary to popular belief, East truly meets West.

November is one of the finest months to visit Istanbul because of the pleasant daytime temperatures (about 15°C), low hotel and flight rates, and fewer waits at the magnificent Hagia Sophia. Turkey’s largest city is neither too congested nor too chilly at this time of year, giving tourists plenty of room and leisure.

Best Places To Visit In November

6. Piedmont, Italy

The renowned White Truffle Festival in Alba is incentive enough to visit Piedmont in November, but the allure of Italy’s second-largest region in fall extends far beyond these cherished gastronomic treats.


In the hills of Langhe, there are award-winning wines (Barolo and Barbaresco) and postcard-perfect autumnal landscapes, wonderfully preserved medieval fortifications in Candelo, curative thermal waters in Acqui Terme, and marvelously authentic food in Bra – the birthplace and headquarters of the Slow Food movement.


Turin, Piedmont’s exquisite, Alps-fringed city, is an architectural feast of Baroque palaces, porticoed piazzas, and tree-lined Parisian boulevards, with dynamic cultural life and some of Italy’s best culinary.


The 92nd International Alba White Truffle Fair will take place from October 9th to December 5th, 2022, and the entire region will be alive with dazzling Christmas markets and exquisite slow-food festivals showcasing everything from wine and cheese to chestnuts and chocolate.

Best Places To Visit In November

7. Mexico

Mexico has many distinct landscapes and microclimates, so the ideal time to visit is determined mostly by the region and the sort of travel experience you desire. However, November is an excellent month to visit any place. Not only is the weather nice, but there are fewer visitors, reduced prices, and an abundance of cultural activities.


The Yucatan’s hurricane season has ended, giving way to brighter, sunnier days spent lazing on less-crowded beaches and swimming in the warm water. Even in Baja, the evenings are growing colder, but there is still great swimming weather during the day.


If you like history and legacy, spectacular Day of the Dead events awaits you in Oaxaca and Mexico City from October 31 to November 2. During the annual Calaca Festival, the picturesque colonial town of San Miguel de Allende comes alive with music, art, and colorful customs. Otherwise, drive to Leon, Guanajuato, for Latin America’s largest hot air balloon festival.

Best Places To Visit In November

8.Kyoto, Japan

Every year during the sakura season, visitors from all over go to Kyoto to marvel at the stunning cherry blossoms, but the city’s fall foliage is just as beautiful.


When November arrives, Japan’s old capital, which is already wonderful, transforms into a mystery country of exquisite temples and zen-inducing gardens – all wrapped in blazing maple trees. The countryside is ablaze with October hues, matched by pleasant temperatures and brilliant blue skies.


Furthermore, temples and shrines across the city have seasonal lighting activities at night, making the experience even more enthralling. Among these are Kodaiji Temple, which also has a unique projection mapping performance, and Kiyomizudera, which is notable for its wooden veranda that rises out of a cliff overlooking Kyoto.

Best Places To Visit In November

9. Iceland

If you prefer freezing glaciers to sunny beaches and licorice to pumpkin spice lattes, a trip to Iceland in November may be just what you need.


The country is lovely all year, but this month has a few features that set it apart from the rest of the year. It’s the perfect time to look for the rare Northern Lights, party at the famed Iceland Airwaves music festival, and indulge in ice and snow-related sports without crowds.


The month of November is ideal for exploring beautiful blue tunnels, hiking on glaciers, and bathing in natural hot springs while surrounded by a winter wonderland. The daring may even go arctic surfing off the Reykjanes Peninsula, or experience the unique opportunity to snorkel/dive in between tectonic plates at the Silfra fissure.


Meanwhile, in Reykjavik, the eccentric capital of Iceland, bar hopping – accompanied by some excellent Icelandic comfort cuisine – is the perfect cure to the short, dark days and chilly weather outside.

Best Places To Visit In November

10. Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca in November is ideal for foodies, culture buffs, and nature lovers. Late fall tourists have a rare opportunity to explore a quieter, more genuine side of Spain’s largest Balearic Island, with the summer throngs gone and the pace slowing down. Although the average temperature is approximately 15°C, neither snowy mountains nor bright sunny beaches are unusual views this time of year.


The shifting hues of November, along with a profusion of small fairs, make the countryside a delight to explore. The Dijous Bo in Inca is the island’s largest agricultural fair, including live music and art displays as well as an annual Mallorcan black pig contest and sale.

Best Places To Visit In November


If you could tour the world in November these are the places that would enchant your travels. Are you thrilled? Let’s get you to look forward to these beautiful and delightful places.

sunny beaches are unusual views this time of year.

The shifting hues of November, along with a profusion of small fairs, make the countryside a delight to explore. The Dijous Bo in Inca is the island’s largest agricultural fair, including live music and art displays as well as an annual Mallorcan black pig contest and sale.

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